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Is the Cavy Cage you want still in stock?

As you HAVE to know by now, BlueStoneCommerce (Nancy and Bob) are vacationing in Hawaii. And as you also should know by now (so you and your piggy would not be left without that perfect cavy cage) we stocked up on several cages before we left to be made available during our vacation.

As of this writing, we have been gone just over a week now (and no way are we ready to go back to Michigan yet).

The good news is that we still have all cavy cage models in stock. (However, two of our models only have one single cage left).

So, again – good news – our guinea pig cages are not yet completely picked over – we still have all models in stock. However, some models are running extremely low.

The other good news: We will be back in full operation on Oct. 25, 2010.

So if the particular model of cavy cage you’re looking for gets sold out; we’ll be up and running again in the very new future.

To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzeneggner: We’ll be bock.

Want to see our helicopter ride over Kauai and also learn a little more about our vacation stock of cavy cage? <–CLICK HERE

Bob and Nancy

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