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HURRY! Choose your Cavy Cage before they’re all picked over…

Finding the perfect cavy cage is like finding a good wife (or husband)…

When you start looking, you may find that “all the good ones are taken”.

Okay, it’s an old adage – and, like all old sayings – maybe not entirely true. But it does have it’s basis in truth. And we do know from our life experience that opportunities are often lost when we wait too long.

If you have been following us at all (Bob and Nancy from BlueStoneCommerce), you know that we are vacationing in Hawaii at the moment. Before leaving, we pre-built an inventory 30 cages including a large selection of our cavy cage models.

But, since arriving in Hawaii, we have already sold seven of those 30 cages. So –  long story short – those guinea pig cages are moving. They are getting picked over. First come – first served.

So, if you have a particular model of guinea pig cage that you absolutely must have – you need to act fast. Sure, you can wait – and hopefully, as time goes on, the cages left will include exactly the cavy cage you want. If not, we will be back in full operation Oct. 25, 2010.

But do you really want to wait until October 25? Why take a chance? Buy quickly before the cages get “picked over”. We’ve sold almost 25% of our inventory – they will get picked over. Why not be one of those doing the picking? Visit our BlueStoneCommerce Guinea Pig Cages website NOW…

And you can see us in Hawaii – taking a helicopter ride over Kauai. (See if you can spot the famous waterfall that they used in the movie Jurassic Park)…   CLICK HERE to see us in Hawaii—> BlueStoneCommerce rides Blue-Hawaiian

Bob and Nancy

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